Influencers on Weibo are the people who will be popularly followed by a large majority, especially if they make useful content available on their pages. A lot of businesses nowadays use Weibo to popularize their brands, especially the small businesses because Weibo’s reach is worldwide. This makes it more advantageous to reach the audience who are more likely to subscribe to the content that you are posting. Hence, having an influential Weibo partner can be a great way for a small business to acquire a lot of followers online and eventually gain a strong fan base.

Weibo Marketing

Influencers on Weibo are the first to endorse a certain brand and create a campaign for them. Based on the study of KOL in China conducted by Sina & Weibo data center, there are more than 300 thousand of Weibo KOL havingotal of five hundred million fans. In just five months, the Weibo post of these KOL has given 715 billion impressions. With this kind of influence, some brands may gain thousands of fans overnight and become very popular in their target market.

However, to be able to have an influential KOL on Weibo, you need to look for those influencers who are willing to endorse your brand. These influencers may not be easy to find but if you try to search using keywords like “Weibo”, “Chinese content”, “CCM”, etc., you should come up with a list of companies that provide services related to Chinese content management and microblogging. Now, once you found one or more of these companies, you should immediately register and start creating a campaign. Since registering in Weibo is free, all you need to do is to create a page where you can upload your promotional campaign materials and wait for your followers to start commenting and linking to your Weibo page.

Once your promotional campaign has been posted, some of your followers will definitely go over to Weibo and access the page of your company. You will surely get lots of comments and links from your target audience, especially if the topic related to your product is very popular among the Chinese consumers. Through these comments, your brand will be recognized among the Chinese audience. If your brand offers helpful tips to the Chinese consumers, some of your followers will even recommend your products to their friends and contacts.

Weibo Marketing also has great advantages and one advantage is the wide audience it can reach. Although Weibo is primarily a Chinese community, it can also reach out to other countries and cultures. To enhance your Weibo Marketing efforts, you should consider creating a profile for you brand and adding the link to your website or blog. It is quite possible that if your Weibo page becomes famous, your brand will be recognized by thousands of Chinese people and millions of others in different parts of the world. This is the reason why you can expect to have lots of links to your Weibo page since most of the users are from different countries. You can also expand your market with the help of these new and potential customers who will visit your brand’s page through the Weibo live streaming.

Weibo Marketing is a brilliant and powerful marketing strategy as it allows you to expose and build your brand’s image in China in the shortest possible time. The best thing about Weibo Marketing is that it can give your company exposure to a wider audience than you may have thought possible. This is because Chinese people are accustomed to purchasing things on Weibo. And to them, you won’t just be a marketer but a brand ambassador who can give them useful information about your products and services. You can also expect to have an exciting and dynamic campaign which can make use of the power and influence of the Weibo community.