How Important Is SEO Keywords?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique that allows your website to be found in the search engines. SEO applies to both on-site and off-site elements on your website. SEO strategy allows you to be found by potential customers when they are searching for certain keywords related to your niche. This means more visitors and ultimately, more sales.

SEO works to have your website higher in the natural rankings so you rank for terms relevant to your material. Advertisers let you target certain keyword phrases and create an ad campaign that marketing your website and content specifically for those utilizing those words. The pay-per-click (PPC) network also allows you to place specific keywords in your ads that produce organic search traffic. Google, Yahoo, and MSN all allow you to do this.

Google offers two different ways to analyze your keyword performance. Keyword Elite for Google and Overture SEO for Yahoo analyzes your past search results for each keyword phrase and provide a ranking for each. Google does not offer an external tool like Overture does. Google gives you a list of all the top keywords and how many times each term appears in Google search results versus the number of pages that contain that keyword phrase.

Another advantage of using an external tool like Keyword Elite or Overture is that it gives you an idea of the competition you will face. What you don’t want to do is get too competitive because that can hurt your overall SEO strategy. Instead you want to have enough competitors so that you have some leeway. Competition is good because it drives traffic to your website and gets potential customers to notice your ads.

To optimize your ads for the best keywords and highest conversion rates, you must do more than create unique ads. You also must make sure you are bidding on the right keywords. Google restricts the maximum amount of times a keyword can appear in your ads. It does not want your ad to be out of position every time you run a PPC campaign. Google will also make changes to your ad placement and quality every time they run a PPC campaign. This makes it necessary to constantly adjust your bids so your ads are not out of position.

The best way to ensure that your ads are out of position and appear at the right places and at the right times is to focus on your search engine optimization strategy. Google and other search engines will not care as much about your negative keywords as long as you create quality ads. Avoid negative keywords and ad copy and focus on creating high quality ads that target specific search terms and use positive keywords with high conversion rates. Doing this will help you get ahead in the search engine rankings and on the search engines.