There are many effective techniques that you can use to engage your followers and increase your business’s Instagram presence. One of the most important methods is by creating visual content. Visual content is essential to Instagram Marketing, and 60% of the best performing brands have a consistent look. Create visual content that reflects your brand identity and is appealing to your audience. For inspiration, check out the feed of Five Minute Journal. Another important tactic is selecting the best hashtags for your posts.

Incorporate videos into your Instagram marketing strategy. Instagram allows you to insert links that have swipe-up call-to-action buttons in your stories. Besides that, you can promote your links using influencers’ posts. You can use this method to create more engaging visual content by showcasing a customer’s lifestyle. You can also promote your links by using hashtags and other techniques. Remember that visual content increases your audience’s engagement and helps you build a strong following.

Stories are an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Stories draw viewers in the moment, while pre-recorded stories are better for in-depth coverage of products or one-time promotions. Stories can leverage shopping by allowing users to tap on links to purchase items and explore other pages. You can create stickers to showcase your products and encourage users to tap on them to find out more information. Creating longer captions can help your brand appear more authentic and human.

Incorporating polls into your Instagram marketing strategy can be a crucial part of your overall social media strategy. Be sure to make these short and include your brand name. These hashtags make your content more discoverable. Not only will they drive traffic to your profile, but they will help you organize your content. This way, your followers can easily find your content. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use branded hashtags to grow your audience.

The latest trend in Instagram marketing is to use augmented reality. Augmented reality filters let you customize your photos and videos with the newest features. These filters are a fantastic way to make a lasting impression on your audience. If you’re interested in learning more about AR, you can check out the Spark AR Studio. And for those who don’t have a lot of time, you can use QuickFrame by MNTN as your Instagram guide.

In addition to using the best hashtags for your content, Instagram marketing involves testing different times of day. For example, a retail brand might want to post during lunchtime to reach its audience. A social media management tool such as Hootsuite can help you schedule your posts in advance and create captions for your images. Another useful tool is Instagram Stories. Using these tools is essential for Instagram success, so use them wisely. And, as always, remember that your audience has a different timeline than you do.

You can also add the nametag to your Instagram account to attract more Instagram followers. The nametag is a small code that people can scan to follow you. If you use this technique in your offline materials, you can get new followers offline without spending a lot of time creating content. This way, you can also create a printout of the nametag and store it in a namebadge holder. If you want to create more physical promotional materials, you can print out the nametag and place it on signage and product packaging.