Chatbot Marketing is an approach to market goods and services via a chatbot – a computer program that carries out online conversations with end users through a pre-determined scenario or by the aid of artificial intelligence. Brands make this artificially intelligent assistant with a bot creator, who connects it to various chat programs such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snap, etc., or integrate it into their website. Once connected to these programs, the bot performs specific functions such as re-typing certain words, browsing through pictures, playing games, and searching for information. The software also assists the end user in answering queries and performs basic actions such as sending and receiving messages, forwarding and transferring messages, and posting comments and suggestions. In short, it becomes the best friend of the end user.

Chatbot Marketing

This innovative chatbot offers advanced customer support that interacts with the customers live and gives valuable suggestions. The advanced Chatbot enables fast transactions, allows users to place and receive multiple orders, and allows users to search for photos, videos, music and other items. Further, this chat program allows users to ask questions and receive detailed answers from its artificial intelligence system. This allows the end-user to directly interact with an expert and use all his/her queries in the form of answers. The latest technological feature of this innovative service is its ability to place orders without the requirement of a real person.

This amazing new feature not only helps individuals to place orders but also promotes products of any company through chat bots. Since it uses the internet to search for information, it can help businesses in finding new customers. It can also be used to find out the location of a customer. This is mainly beneficial for the franchised firms because it enables them to enter into new geographical markets. Through chatbot marketing, they can directly reach their consumers and promote their products.

A major benefit of chat bot is that it reduces the operation costs of a business since it allows users to manage their accounts themselves. Since it has no need to maintain a customer database, there is no need to hire staff for answering queries and forwarding mail and phone calls. Furthermore, it allows users to manage multiple profiles at the same time. This way, it provides you with the opportunity to interact with different customers in real life. Moreover, it displays the answers to the FAQs posted by each bot and helps the end user locate a specific product through a search engine.

The other major benefit of using chat bots for Chat Bot Marketing is that it provides quick response. Through this feature, the chat Bots respond within a very short time. This reduces the turnaround time required for any particular business. Apart from that, the Chat Bots provide segment traffic and ensure positive responses to any queries posted by the end users. This also allows business owners to identify their prospective segment of customers quickly. By segmenting the audience, you will know more about the concerns and needs of your customer base.

For any business, it’s always essential to have a Facebook account. But to get maximum advantage of Facebook, it is always recommended that businesses should use chat bots for Facebook marketing. Facebook is fast emerging as the most popular social networking site in the world. Millions of people log on to Facebook every day and the site continues to grow every day. The best way for a business to get maximum benefit of Facebook is to use chat bots for Facebook marketing.