Chatbot Marketing refers to the strategy of promoting your goods or services using targeted, human-based interaction with Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, or other social media platform to enhance brand visibility, increase customer engagement, or facilitate lead generation procedures. Businesses adopting the chatbot approach for online marketing must understand its three vital components. They are:

Chatbot Marketing

Understanding the benefits of chat Bots is the first step towards adopting the strategy. The fact that chat bots facilitate direct customer interaction reduces the need for traditional forms of customer service such as call center, live chat, and mailing enquiries. This means that companies can provide a more personalized experience to their customers and stand out amongst competitors who use repetitive methods of customer interaction. With chat bots, the customer can easily interact with the company representative, get answers to questions, post suggestions, and get product suggestions. Furthermore, the chat bots also help companies save money by reducing the cost of sales management, response time, cost allocation, and man-hours required for routine customer interaction.

The second component of the ChatBot strategy is engagement. Consumers like interacting with others and want to socialize with company representatives, peers, and fans. Therefore, to facilitate engagement, the chat bots integrate social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Orkut amongst others. However, companies need to ensure that they have a dedicated page on their social media platform for chatbot purposes. This will enable the chat bots to connect with the company page, as well as any other page that has an appropriate profile settings.

Chat bots are designed to perform similar tasks as human representatives. However, their main task is to provide social media platform users with relevant information based on the bot’s input. To be able to do this, the user agent needs to connect with various elements of the company’s website including blog posts, profiles, tweets, pictures, and videos. Once the information has been provided, the bot will review the data and suggest different actions for the user. In this way, this new bot based social media marketing strategies will help companies to enhance their online reputation and customer service experience.

The third and final component of chatbot marketing examples involves the integration of Facebook applications in the bot. Facebook is by far the largest social network in the world and accounts for close to half of all web traffic. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Facebook users worldwide log on to their Facebook accounts on a daily basis. For this reason, many companies are looking towards Facebook as a means of advertising. In fact, many big names in the industry are investing in Facebook applications in order to attract new customers.

In short, the bot provides an easy solution for those businesses who want to attract new customers and interact with existing ones. In addition, the bot offers a human-like interaction with the users and the chance to create interesting conversations that would appeal to many people. In short, chat Bots provide the means for businesses to increase their online presence while interacting with their customers on social media sites such as Facebook. Chat Bots are one of the most powerful tools that businesses have today at their disposal.