Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing – 5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Podcast Listeners

Podcast marketing is on the rise in 2021 bringing along with it many new opportunities and features that can help any small business reach its full potential. Podcast marketing is still on a small scale in most markets but the internet’s growth is phenomenal. Podcast marketing is a new venue that allows you to connect with your clients on a more personal level and you can do this in two ways. You can release an audio recording of yourself, your company, or your product and have it played on popular stations all over the world. Or, you can submit your audio for podcast consideration to be edited, modified and then submitted to a number of different websites.

Podcast marketing strategy no. 1 is to use interviews as your primary form of marketing strategy. Podcasts offer unique opportunities to connect and interact with your target audience and you can easily provide interesting guests to them in order to gain new business. Podcasts have been proven to be a powerful tool for generating revenue and gaining new audiences.

Podcast Marketing strategy no. 2 is to have your audio file submitted to several prominent podcasters who will syndicate your file across the internet. Podcasts that are properly syndicated will be listed prominently within the iTunes directory and listeners can search for the podcast. In addition, if you use your recording for promotional purposes (you can typically acquire permission for podcast usage through iTunes) you can send a link to your podcast at the end of your promotional ads. This will encourage listeners to download your audio file after the ad has concluded.

Podcast Marketing strategy no. 3 is to submit your podcast to prominent blog directories. There are two prominent blog directories that you can submit to: BlogDAZ and PodcastGator. Podcasts that are submitted to these directories will be found by search engine users searching for topics related to your audio show. Submitting to these sites will ensure that your podcasts are always visible to potential viewers.

Podcast Marketing strategy no. 4 is to create a press release and submit it to various news outlets. Submit your press releases to major news agencies such as CNN, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc. You can also talk to local newspapers regarding any current or upcoming events that may interest your target audience and discuss your podcast episodes with them.

Podcast Marketing strategy no. 5 is to record and distribute free podcast episodes at your own website and blog. If your website is linked from your podcasts, subscribers will automatically be sent to your website when they listen to one of your episodes. Additionally, you can also invite listeners to your kajabi website and blog to download and listen to the podcasts as well.