If you want to know how to promote your brand on WeChat, you should know the different types of accounts available for the platform. First, a service account appears as a companion on a user’s list. This type of account allows you to send four messages a month, which is sufficient for promoting your product. A subscription account is best suited for advertisement or marketing purposes. These accounts are the most popular options as they boost sales.

Official account advertising is another popular option for WeChat marketing. This type of ad is attached to a static card image, but you can also choose to create a short video. These videos will be shown before the actual content, just like YouTube ads. You can then place these advertisements under other official accounts to boost the number of followers. While it may seem difficult, it is worth it in the end. In addition to advertising, you can even post coupons and distribute them for free to promote your brand.

Once your WeChat account has been verified, you can start advertising. You can also set the timing of your notifications. If you have a limited budget, try a marketing campaign that allows users to opt out of notifications. For example, if you want to advertise your brand on WeChat, try limiting the time you send messages. Otherwise, your followers will not receive the notifications you send. If you want to reach out to these people, you should invest in WeChat Marketing.

One important thing to remember about WeChat is that it is not the end-all-be-all of Chinese marketing. Because it is a closed platform, content gets distributed only to followers. This means that your organic content is unlikely to travel on its own without promotion. And because 90% of WeChat users are on just 10% of the accounts, your success depends on how well you can promote your post. Without virality, organic content won’t get anywhere.

Another important tip for WeChat marketing is to create a group chat. It is possible to add up to 40 members. With a large team of members, you can effectively manage and communicate with your entire team. You can even coordinate logistics between your WeChat team members and remote locations in China. While it’s a great time killer, be careful when sharing personal information. If you do, your followers will thank you for the effort!

WeChat users are divided into different categories based on their interests and behaviors. There are 24 top-level tabs and 183 bottom-level tabs. This lets you target groups of users who share similar behaviors. It’s important to remember that Chinese consumers do not want to buy products from an unknown brand. A successful campaign builds trust and loyalty between brands and consumers. Moreover, marketing your brand on WeChat is an excellent way to gain exposure and sales.

WeChat is an innovative social network with a large following. If you’re a brand, it’s time to take advantage of this platform. Its many features allow you to advertise your brand to an audience that is highly interested in your products. In addition to that, WeChat’s ‘Wow’ feature allows you to share articles with your contacts on WeChat. Despite the limited capacity of the platform, you can easily reach a large number of potential customers using this social network.